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Thank you for requesting additional information about working from home with Ameriplan®. Below are some of our national sponsors, partners, providers and credentials as well as some of the national publications we've been featured in. As you can see, we're very well known and respected on a national level. Below these logos, you will find an overview covering exactly how you can work from home with Ameriplan®. ​

About Ameriplan

Ameriplan® is the number one health & dental savings company in the United States. We've been in business since 1992 and have the hottest health & dental savings plans available in the United States today with virtually no competition! Our benefit plans include services like Tele-Medicine, Hospital Advocacy, Dental, Vision, Prescription and Chiropractic. Our company has revolutionized the industry by making fantastic and affordable plans available to everyone living in the United States. 

Many people find the most important thing when choosing a company to work with, is that the company not only needs to be legitimate but also credible, trustworthy and well known on a NATIONAL level. We hope that's a top priority for you as too! As far as our national credentials, Ameriplan® has the highest rating possible with the US Chamber of Commerce, an "A+" rating with the Better Business Bureau and we are also members of the National Association of Dental Plans and the Consumer Health Alliance. Our company has been recognized and featured in publications such as "The New York Times", "US News and World Report", "CNN.com", "Time Magazine", "Parent Magazine" and even on "Good Morning America"! The American Pregnancy Association has Ameriplan® on their website and encourages pregnant women to use Ameriplan® for their medical needs. Most people are able to determine quickly that Ameriplan® is a solid, legitimate company amidst all of the unfortunate scams out there. Ameriplan's "A+" rating with the BBB certainly does solidify that. So as you can see, we're very well known and respected on a national level. 

When you work with Ameriplan® you are an independent consultant. It's not a job and it's not working for someone else. You are your own boss, you make your own hours and you can work either Full Time or Part Time. We even receive family benefits and direct deposit. Even though you are your own boss, you're not working alone. We work together as a part of a team, so you'll meet other people immediately when you start working and they'll help to train you. You'll be working alongside these other consultants on a daily basis. We have a very successful team of leaders that will all take part in training you, so you will always have plenty of people to turn to for help and support!

What Would You Be Doing With Ameriplan

When we work at home with Ameriplan® we do two things - we help people get enrolled in one of our health benefit plans and we help qualified people like you work from home with Ameriplan®. We'll go into a little more detail about that, but first we want to take a moment to explain how the plans we offer are helping consumers. We'll give you a very brief overview now, but if you'd like to learn more about the plans please ask the person who sent you to this website for more details. 

We have two different benefit packages tailored to fit your needs. The average household saves between $200 - $400 per month all year round using our plans. 

The first plan is our Dental Plus, which includes Dental, Vision, Prescription and Chiropractic. It's only $24.95 a month per household and includes everyone under one roof, related or not!

Our second plan is our Deluxe Plus that combines all services included in both Dental Plus & Med Plus and we save you even more by reducing the cost to only $39.95 per month per household.

We have over 80,000 Dental providers on our network nationwide and we work with every Hospital in the country. Our plans are accepted at all major pharmacies including CVS, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Target, your local grocery stores and all major vision centers including PearleVision, Lens Crafters, Sears, JCPenney and the list goes on. 

Let's back up now and briefly go over what you'd be doing from home with Ameriplan®. Each Benefit Consultant performs two functions - we help qualified people work from home with AmeriPlan® as a member of our team. We’re trained to talk with people to see if our company is a good fit for them and if it is, we get them started working from home. We also help people save money on their healthcare by enrolling them into one of our Dental or Health plans.

We don't do any cold calling or telemarketing and we’re definitely not high pressured sales people! We respond to people's requests for information and educate them about what we have to offer. If it's a good fit for them and their family, great! If not, we just move on to the next person who asked for information. There are lots of different ways to market our business. Some work locally by posting flyers and brochures. Some people love to work with small businesses or big groups that don’t offer benefits to their employees. There are tons of ways to market locally and we'll show you how! Some work strictly on the internet, using free internet advertising on social media sites (like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram) or posting on free classified sites like Craigslist. We provide a free social media texting tool to use when people request information about our benefits or about working from home. They’ll receive a series of emails prompting them to review the details. Then we contact them and conduct a brief phone interview. We explain the plans and answer questions. If they like what they hear and want one of our plans, we take the application and credit information right over the phone and submit it to corporate online!

You'll be trained to have people coming to you, so if you have no marketing experience at all, no worries, that's part of the free training we receive from Ameriplan®! You’ll learn how to place free classified ads online, how to use Social Media and blogs to reach people, how to market in your local area for free and much more! We have a really amazing training program! Our interactive training website walks you step by step through your initial training on your very first day. We also have live training calls every day (that are recorded so you can call them at your convenience if you can’t make the live calls) or to get some extra training. You’ll be meeting & working with other members of our team (and of course, you'll have me as your personal trainer & mentor!) in addition to other successful Consultants on our team. We’ll work one on one with you and you'll have all of our contact information the day you start so you can always reach us when you need help.

How We Earn Our Income

Now that you know a little bit about what we do at AmeriPlan®, here’s how we get paid:

AmeriPlan pays us two ways. We earn upfront daily pay and monthly residual income. Residual income is great because you keep getting paid over and over again for the work you did one time. You’ll continue to receive a portion of each member's monthly fee, month after month, year after year, so our checks keep growing every month, the more people we enroll! For example, by enrolling 10 members his month and 15 next month, we’ll get paid for 25 and so on! Five years down the road, you’re still getting paid for these same members (provided they’re still active) and you’ll accumulate a ton of people over time! This is how we have thousands of Benefit Consultants making $25,000, $50,000 and even $75,000 a year or more, working from home part time. Residual income is powerful and truly life changing!

When you enroll a new team member to work with the company, you’ll receive between $50-$600 in upfront commission and also a 40% monthly residual of $10-$16 per person, depending on which startup option they choose.

When you enroll a new benefit member, you’ll receive between $30-$50 in upfront commission and a 40% monthly residual of $10-$16 per person, depending on which plan they choose.

We also have lots of bonus potential! You can earn an additional $100-$250 for reaching the first mgmt. promotion within your first 30 days. You can qualify for an additional $500 per month bonus for meeting a certain criteria in production and we have Top Producer trips and a Cadillac car program!

You can easily see that we have unlimited earning potential with our opportunity and we have lots of fun incentives to work toward to keep us motivated! You absolutely have the potential to build something great for yourself and your family and while this is excellent income, there's still more! Ameriplan® is very proactive at rewarding us financially for our efforts. When a Benefit Consultant you recruited into Ameriplan® does well, it's a reflection on you, because you helped to mentor and train them. So, once you’ve established your business with Ameriplan®, you’ll also earn an additional commission up to 33% based on what the Consultants you've recruited are earning. This commission will help to double your total income!

You might wonder how much you’ll make with Ameriplan®. It's different for everyone, because not everyone works the same amount of hours or has the same level of commitment to their business. On our team, for those consistently putting in at least 10-15 hours a week, we have Consultants earning anywhere from $500 a month to well over $4,000 a month and we have people who just started this month all the way up to people who’ve been working with Ameriplan® for over twelve years!

The Cadillac Club 

You can qualify for Ameriplan's prestigious Cadillac Club and earn a Luxurious White Diamond CTS Sports Sedan or Coupe or SRX Sport Utlity with Titanium Colored Leather Interior. 

FAST Track Program Bonuses 

Reach your first promotion of Regional Sales Director in 30 days and receive a $300 bonus! 

How You Can Get Started Working From

As a Benefit Consultant in AmeriPlan®, there's an annual fee of $24.95.

You'll receive professionally designed e-commerce websites to market your business. Also, AmeriPlan® has a customer service department at our home office in Dallas, TX whose staff services our benefit members for us. They print and ship all membership packages, ID cards and provide members with an 800# so when there are questions or problems, members call Customer Service, not the Benefit Consultants.

We also have a small monthly overhead. The first one is due when you get started and your future overhead will be treated as a payroll deduction. It's deducted from your monthly residual paycheck (just like medical benefits are deducted from your paycheck on a regular job) as long as your residual check is over the amount of your overhead. Enroll just a few people and you won't pay anything out of pocket. 

You have 4 start-up options to choose from:

As a Traditional Benefit Consultant you receive:

$50.00 - $300 for each enrollment

40% commission for each membership $10-$16 every month

Social Media Training $500 value

Annual fee of $30.00 for the websites

1 Deluxe benefit package for everyone under the roof of your home at $39.95 / month - you get the benefits because you want to use the services, experience the savings and tell people about them. Even if you have a dental or medical plan a lot of the time we can help you save even MORE money.


TOTAL INVESTMENT : $99.95 AND and our benefits at $39.95 / month there after

Jumpstart Package you receive:

3 deluxe plans at 100% commission and reinbursement. Your commission will be $109.90 on each of the three plans for a total of : $329.70 and then 40% a month thereafter.

$200-$600 for EACH jumpstart enrollment

Enroll 4 and pay no more (your membership fee of $39.95 a month goes away)

Social media training $500 value

Fast Track bonuses $250.00

No annual website fees



Super Jumpstart Start Package you receive:

6 deluxe plans at 100% commission and reimbursement and 6 deluxe plans at 100% commission. Your commission will be $899.10 on these 12 plans. Then 40% a month residual income (or $191.76 in residual income on these 12).

$200-$600 for each jumpstart enrollment

Social media training $500 value

Fast Track bonuses $250.00

Bonus: Freedom Inner Circle Academy (private training site that top leaders will share additional training) Total Value : $1,000

No annual website fees

Enroll 4 and pay no more ($39.95 a month goes away)



Ultimate Jump Start Package you receive:

9 deluxe plans at 100% commission and reimbursement and 9 deluxe plans at 100% commission. Your commission will be $1348.65 on these plans. Then 40% a month residual income (or $287.64 in residual income on these 18).

$200-$600 for each jumpstart enrollment

Enroll 4 and pay no more ($39.95 a month goes away)

Social media training $500 value

Fast Track bonuses $250

Bonus: Freedom Inner Circle Academy (private training site that top leaders will share additional training) Total Value : $1,000

No annual website fees



Each option will give you great opportunity for success - it's really just a personal preference for which option best fits you and your family’s needs! Our business investment includes everything we need to run our business, including all of our e-commerce marketing websites, our back office website where we submit applications and process initial payments to corporate, check our earnings, all online training, live training conference calls and webinars, training materials, back office accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, credit card processing for our health benefit and team members, postage, shipping and much more are covered with our low monthly overhead. Unlike other legitimate home businesses, we aren't required to purchase or store products & inventory or to meet monthly quotas. Obviously it costs more than $39.95/month a month for everything we get to run our businesses, but Ameriplan® graciously supplements the rest for us to keep our costs low!

There’s just one more thing worth mentioning. The IRS actually gives us HUGE tax deductions for owning a business that we run out of our homes. So the low monthly cost of $39.95/month to run your business is offset by knowing that you can receive huge home office tax deductions. Use that money to pay off debt, take a family vacation, do home repairs or save for a rainy day! Do whatever you want with that money, but know without a doubt that starting a home business like Ameriplan® is one of the best tax shelters available!

That's all the information about working from home with Ameriplan®. Thank you for reading all of the details. Now, please get back to the person who sent you to this site. They will answer all your questions for you and help you see if working from home with Ameriplan® is a good fit for you!

If you are ready to get started now, you can self-enroll at www.joinapnow.info.  Or you can reach me directly with your questions at:

Denise Finochiaro
Ameriplan USA
National Recruiter & Benefit Consultant
Call or Text:  (479)222-5367
View healthcare plans:  www.householdhealthcarediscounts.info

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